If you have to manage different WordPress Sites at once, then you know how much time it could take to update around 20 blogs. WordPress supports since version 3.0 Site Networks. This WordPress feature is great, but has some limitations. So for example you have to run your Site Network on one Server. So I had to get something which allows me to manage blogs over different Webhoster. There are some Tools which can reduce the time to a get updates and that stuff to a minimum.


It looks like a Freemium tool addressing some of the main issues coming up with multiple Sites.

  • Central Dashboard
  • One Click Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • One Click Backups

There are some more Features but, you’ve to buy them.


It’s a commercial service, but for a very small amount of blogs with mostly the same features as InfiniteWP it’s although cost-free. The more interesting part are the payed Plans. The Standard Plan starts with 0.60$ per Blog and offers some cool features:

  • Bulk new posts an pages
  • Mass Spam removemend
  • Mail Notification for Updates
  • Backups direct to your Dropbox, Google Drive or S3 Storage
  • plus some Mobile Apps for iOS an Android

The Professional or Bussines Plans offer some interesting features like scheduled backups, uptime monitoring, user managment or Maintenance Modes for your blogs.


WP Remote

Quite simple and free ist the WP Remote site. It offers:

  • One Click WordPress updates for all your sites
  • One Click Theme updates
  • One Click Plugin updates
  • Central place for your manual backups

For 5$ per blog per month you can get Automatic Updates. Backing up your whole files and Database (encrypted) to Amazons S3 Storage.